Targeted Donations

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Please consider a donation to sponsor one of the following items in the 2017-18 season:

Rehearsal Venue for the Season: $1,500
Concert Venue (Single Concert): $500
Collaborative Pianist/Accompanist for Rehearsals: $1,500
Collaborative Pianist/Organist for Spring Concert: $200
Collaborative Pianist/Organist for Christmas Concert: $200
One Instrumentalist for a Concert: $150
“The Band” for Dessert & a Song Gala: $825
Sponsor a Singer in Children’s Choir: $500
Sponsor a Singer in Youth Singers: $600
Underwrite Hamilton Memorial Scholarship (1 season): $600
Underwrite Patterson Memorial Scholarship (1 season): $500
Sponsor a Music Camper for One Session: $150
Contribute to the Commission Composition Fund: $50-$1,000
Purchase One New Piece of Music (Multiple Copies) for the choir: $140