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Please load the final recordings for Virtual Choir directly to this link:

“Just Be Happy”

Singers, this is the full score of “Just Be Happy.” Please rehearse the song up to letter K. We will try to nail the entire song at Monday’s rehearsal (6/8). Continue to use the rehearsal track with soprano voice part if you are in Children’s Choir or a Concert Choir soprano. Use the alto rehearsal track if you are a CC alto. “Just Be Happy” Full Score (PDF)

Two-Part, Part 1:

Two-Part, Part 2:

Easy Sight-Reading for Less Experienced Singers

Print out the exercise (PDF), chant the syllables, write them out if you wish, be sure to keep a steady beat and say “sh” for the rests, then sing each exercise. PLEASE record yourself on your phone and text to 832-425-2329. Say your name at beginning of recording. Let’s learn to sight-read!

“Let There Be Peace on Earth”

Use this unison version of “Let There Be Peace on Earth” to rehearse this beautiful song along with Ms. Nicole’s vocal track. Please destroy the lyrics sheet and 4 part choral version we were previously using, since we’ve switched to this unison version for our upcoming performance. Let There Be Peace on Earth – C Major – MN0067851 (PDF)

Instructions: vocal track for “Let There Be Peace On Earth.” Sing with this track while you read the music/words at least 3 times a day. This is the vocal track we will use for our virtual choir recording! We begin recording in two weeks and hope you will be prepared to sing in this virtual choir.

“Fly Away Home” for Bel Canto

Download Music (PDF)

Listen to YouTube version from Pink Zebra and get familiar with the song by Monday rehearsal. Enjoy!

BAYS members have an opportunity to participate in the all state festival elementary or jr. high choir at the Texas Choral Directors Association Convention in San Antonio scheduled for July 23-25, 2020. Singers must register for the choir between May 11 and June 1 online at (go to convention and appropriate choir for your child). The fee is $90 (that’s the full amount for participation; your housing in San Antonio will be your responsibility). Singers must be sponsored by a TCDA member; list Brenda Varvoutis as the teacher. Since registrations are accepted on a “first come/first served” basis, it’s important to get registrations submitted immediately. If the convention and choirs are cancelled due to a continuation of Covid restrictions, money will be fully refunded. We encourage you to consider this opportunity; it’s a great learning experience and always fun. We’ve always had a few singers in the honor choir each summer and all have loved it! Contact Ms. Carol at 832-425-2329 if you have questions. The elementary festival choir is open to singers completing grades 4, 5, 6 and the junior high festival choir is open to S.A.T.B. singers completing grades 7 and 8.

BAYS Assignments

The C Major exercises (PDF) will help BEFORE you do SMARTMUSIC assignments.

Just Be Happy sheet music (PDF) if you want it. The part practice tracs are in SMARTMUSIC.

“How Can I Keep from Singing?”

Here’s our latest addition to the BAYS online songs to rehearse and record from your home. This is a beautiful song with words that are especially meaningful today. The melody requires attention to phrasing and breath control. You will definitely improve your singing skills as you learn this song.

First listen to Ms. Nicole singing the song and follow along with the printed music as you listen. Then work on short sections of the song each day. If you are able to write in the solfege syllables for the song and sing with solfege, great! Starting pitch is So and it moves up to Do. Can you figure out the key signature of this song? Look at the time signature and see if you can figure out the number of beats per measure. Try counting “1 and 2 and 3 and” for each measure; the half note receives one beat (not the quarter note). The melody begins on the second half of beat 3 (“and”). If all this is just too much for you, just sing the song with words and enjoy it.!

Please record your performance of the song (you can sing along with Ms. Nicole or use the piano accompaniment track) and send to your teacher or to me at 832-425-2329. Try to do this by April 28. We want to hear from you. Be sure to state your name and share a little information about what you are doing at home before you sing the song. We hope you enjoy learning a new song!




“Let There be Peace on Earth”

Here is a new song to rehearse and learn this week. This is a a well-known song that we will perform in the future. Use the lyrics page (PDF) to learn the words and listen, and sing along with Ms. Nicole to learn the melody. Please work about 15 minutes a day for at least 5 days during the week. Plan to record the song and send to one of our teachers after rehearsing for a week. We want to hear from you! Be sure to state your name and share a little information about what’s going on in your life before singing “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”


Practice at least 5 times a week, and enjoy learning to sing these two songs beautifully. Practice the Major Scales every day; sing and use hand signs while singing. When you feel confident of your performance, record the two songs and send to your teacher via “REPLY” on your phone.

“Jubilate Deo” (C) (1)

“My Country, Tis of Thee” – Soprano (G)

Solfege Scales