Policies and Procedures

ALSO SEE: Emergency Information and Liability Release Form (PDF)

Singers’ Information and Responsibilities

  1. Bring bag with music binder and workbook to every rehearsal.
  2. Be on time for rehearsals, workshops and performances; this means be in place and ready to sing at the start or call time
  3. Give 100% attention and effort during rehearsal and performance.
  4. Keep cell phones turned off and completely out of sight during rehearsals and not on the body during performances.
  5. No food or drink allowed during rehearsals (includes gum, candy) other than a closed lid water container. Do not bring food into the rehearsal building, please.
  6. Restroom breaks during rehearsal are limited to emergencies. Go to the restroom before rehearsals and performances.
  7. No talking during rehearsal unless director invites conversation
  8. Backpacks and other personal belongings should be left in the foyer during rehearsals, and must be taken home after rehearsal.
  9. Pick up name tag and check in at the desk before rehearsal. If absent the previous week, pick up materials at the desk.
  10. Be responsible for learning all music to be performed. This will involve study and memorization of words, practicing singing with a rehearsal recording, and some choreography rehearsal.
    Be responsible for completing assignments in the music literacy workbook, including singing with recording.
  11. Follow the guidelines for performance attire, hair, jewelry. Appearance is equal in importance to the musical performance.
  12. Absences from rehearsal are excused for required school activities and illness. Singers should miss no more than 3 (excused) rehearsals per season.
  13. Be courteous and kind to other singers and staff, and be respectful of the building and materials when participating in BAYS activities.

Parents’ Information and Responsibilities

  1. Get children to rehearsals and performances on time.
  2. Help children become responsible about bringing music materials to rehearsals (music binders, pencil, workbook, water bottle/closed lid).
  3. Make sure children have eaten before coming to rehearsals and performances.
  4. Make sure children have all their personal belongings before leaving the rehearsal or performance (it’s a challenge for our staff to keep up with “lost and found” items).
  5. Children may sign in at the beginning of rehearsal, but parents must come into the building to sign children out and pick them up at the end of rehearsal.
  6. Pick up all parent notices distributed at rehearsals and workshops.
  7. Check email each Wednesday for a BAYS update!!!! Check the
    bayareayouthsingers.org website regularly. “Like” the BAYS Facebook page and check it regularly for pictures and information.
  8. Notify Ms. Karen or Ms. Carol Barwick of anticipated excused absences and last-minute absences due to illness by calling 832-425-2329 or emailing: (bayareayouthsingers@hotmail.com).
  9. Make sure children are dressed in appropriate performance attire and that appearance meets the performance guidelines.
  10. Attend BAYS concerts! Invite others, use social media to let others know about BAYS performances and activities.
  11. Be a part of the fundraising/development activities for the organization (each member family must participate or make a donation to meet the minimum goal).
  12. Volunteer for one of the jobs that must be done to “make BAYS happen!” Each family expected to cover minimum of two jobs/season.
  13. Take care of making tuition and other payments in a timely manner and turn in all required forms on time.
  14. Support your child’s adventure into singing, developing a strong work ethic, learning to work together in a choir (it’s a “team”), and developing self-discipline and confidence.

Singers and Parents who fail to follow the policies and procedures will not be allowed to perform with the choir and may be dismissed from the BAYS choir program. The development of a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility to the ensemble is a primary goal of the Bay Area Youth Singers.


Children’s Choir: Black slacks with belt loops (not tights, not skinny leg), black belt, blue BAYS polo shirt with logo, black flats or oxfords with black socks or “footies.” No head bows, hats, bracelets, watches, necklaces. Hair pulled neatly and securely back from face.

Youth Choir: Same uniform as above for informal performances. Separate uniform required for formal performances.

Girls: Long blue formal “Alexandra” style dress (ordered from Southeastern Apparel), hemmed to ankle length; black flats with black hose or “footies.” No head bows, watches, bracelets, other than stud type earrings. Hair pulled neatly and securely back from face.

Boys: Black dress slacks (with black belt) with long sleeve white dress shirt and black tie. Black dress shoes or loafers with black socks.

No watches, bracelets. Hair pulled neatly and securely back from face.

All the above uniform items must be provided by the singer. Both the formal dress and the blue polo shirt with BAYS logo must be purchased through BAYS.

Used formal dresses may be available for $25; used shirts may be available for $5.

New formal dresses are $68. New blue polo shirts are $18

Singers not dressed in required performance attire or not meeting other performance attire standards will not be allowed to perform with the choir. 70% of what an audience hears is what it sees. The physical appearance of the choir is of utmost importance.

We work together to create a memorable musical experience. Following these policies and procedures helps us achieve this goal.